Events & Services

Monthly Meetings
A great way to meet other divers, learn useful information, and help out.

Pool Time
Pool time is booked several times a year to help keep skills fresh and check gear.

Skill Development
We help with the costs of developing skills (training and in-water practice).

Members have access to our trailer, 2 portable air compressors, tanks and weights. We can help with the cost of rented dive gear.

We cover the training costs of anyone age 21 and under who is learning to dive or improving their skills. We sponsor Discover Scuba events for schools and offer donations to university youth developing their scuba skills.

Spring Trade Show
We have a table annually at our local Spring Trade Show, showing the services that we offer our community.

Gregoire Lake Annual Clean-up
Our Society annually cleans up the underwater swim area at Gregoire Lake Provincial Park and the Anzac beach at the beginning of swim season. We remove all sharp items that may hurt children, and remove garbage damaging the environment.

Snorkeling Demo
We offer Demo of Scuba and Snorkeling, where kids can learn about the gear, and receive assistance with snorkels given out as prizes.

We provide support to the Triathlon Club through cleaning up lake entry areas. The ramp into the water is always riddled with fish hooks, broken bottles etc. that can cut feet. We also provide in-water diver and boat support for athletes who get tired or hypothermic.

August Dive Rodeo Competition
Each summer we hold a fun weekend event at Cold Lake. Activities include search and retrieval, navigation, fine motor coordination, buoyancy, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving when cold and tired – through underwater checker games, target shooting, hunting for golfballs, and other creative activities. It’s a great chance to practice your skills, whatever your skill level. Event Details

Darina Valentik Memorial Scholarships
The Wet and Wild Scuba Diving Society offers scholarships of $1500 to students age 21 and under who are attending a recognized post secondary education.

Search and Recovery
Members are available for retrieving items lost underwater. Some members are also involved with the local Search and Rescue Club. Some advanced divers are working toward supporting NAARS (Northern Alberta Aquatic Rescue), helping with rescue and retrieval of people and items.

Civic Award
Our Society was awarded a 2000 Municipality of Wood Buffalo Civic Award, Environmental Achievement for the services we have offered the Wood Buffalo Region. We are very proud to have been recognized by our community, and nominated again in 2002.

Project Aware
We are proud to support international water clean-up with Project Aware.